"Embark upon an epic journey into the fantastical realm of Barsoom, a tribute to the primal masculinity and nostalgic wonders of Edgar Rice Burroughs' universe. Immerse yourself in a landscape where ancient secrets intertwine with futuristic marvels, and fortunes are forged amidst the crimson sands of a distant world.


Prepare yourself for an odyssey through the untamed frontiers of the blockchain, where tradition collides with innovation, and only the bold claim their place among the stars. Barsoom emerges as a cosmic force, armed with cutting-edge technology and an unyielding resolve to reshape the very fabric of the digital cosmos.


Crafted amidst the cosmic crucible of a bygone era, this token of adventure stands poised to ignite a revolution that reverberates through the far reaches of the universe. Witness the rise of a new champion, destined to challenge the supremacy of established norms and carve a path towards a future where power belongs to the intrepid.


In this cosmic saga of finance, Barsoom shines as a beacon of boundless possibility, embodying the indomitable spirit of the cosmic voyager. Through the boundless potential of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), it encapsulates resilience and ambition, harnessing the very essence of adventure to disrupt the cosmic order.


With each transaction, you become a pioneer of this interstellar odyssey, shaping the destiny of a universe on the brink of transformation. Seize the opportunity to unleash your inner adventurer and grasp the golden chance to transcend the limits of financial reality. As Barsoom sweeps across the stars, it illuminates a path towards unparalleled wealth and empowerment.


Embrace the energy of this cosmic revolution, where every transaction becomes a testament to the defiance against conventional wisdom. Dare to break free from the chains of the ordinary, transcend boundaries, and ride the cosmic wave of triumph. Barsoom calls upon you to step into the future and claim your stake amidst the boundless expanse of the cosmos. The stage is set, the stars await, and the adventure begins. The question remains, are you prepared to seize your cosmic destiny?


Phase 0 | Birth


- Fund and Burn LP

- Send Airdrops

Phase 1 | Youth


- Memes, Art, Culture
- Community

Phase 2 | Maturity


- Get listed on Venus

- Get CEX listings

Phase 3 | Glory


- Colonize Mars

- Breed Catgirls

The Project

This is a meme coin. Every bulliever does what he thinks is best, on his own, to spread the culture. We dream of Barsoom, inspired by the vision of Edgar Rice Burroughs in his classic novels. Will you dream with us?    

The Tokenomics

1,000,000 $BARSOOMs were minted on the BSC. Of these, 275,904 were airdropped to $GCB (GoldenCryptoBro) holders on a 1:1 basis, subject to 40,000 cap per address. The remaining 724,096 were paired with 1 BNB in a Pancakeswap V2 LP, and the LP tokens then burned.


The token contract has no gimmicks, no tax, it's a safe vanilla ERC20/BEP20. There is no burn mechanism, and there is no inflation. The contract has no minting function and has been renounced.